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"Having visited Emily on several occasions for various reflexology treatments, including hand, feet and facial, I can honestly say I have never met a more gentle, considerate and dedicated therapist. Her sessions always leave me feeling nourished and uplifted in both mind and body. Thank you Emily for sharing your expertise, wisdom and wonderfully soothing spirit." Elaine, Abingdon

"I booked for a 12 week facial reflexology course, including the Zone Face Lift. I wanted to try a new therapy for mind and body balance, and an opportunity to brighten and rejuvenate my facial appearance and skin. Emily has a caring and thoughtful approach to your entire well being. In each hour and a half session the 'whole' of me mattered. I thoroughly recommend a course of treatment with Emily, a real treat to re-balance and re-energise inside and out." Harriet, Abingdon.

"I have had wonderful foot and face reflexology treatments with Emily. Her sessions are incredibly relaxing and helpful on both a physical and emotional level. Emily is a beautiful person and incredibly considerate, sensitive and knowledgeable. I would recommend her services to anyone. " Mary, Oxford.

"I have a toddler and felt particularly exhausted (and sleep deprived) on the day Emily gave me a face reflexology treatment. The treatment was amazing. Not only did I feel more relaxed afterwards, I also felt calmer, more centered and just - so, so, SO much better. Emily has a real gift. I am going to see her soon for another appointment." Catrin, Oxford.

"I immediately felt at ease with Emily. She took great care and attention in setting me up to be super cosy, comfortable and relaxed before starting the treatment. She has a lovely reassuring manner, and is gentle, compassionate and wise. The treatment itself was very professional and competent and I felt the benefits afterwards. During the treatment I quickly dropped into a deeply relaxed, almost sleep state; it amazes me that this is possible when someone is touching my feet, but it is and it's quite blissful. I highly recommend Emily's foot reflexology for anyone seeking to restore balance of mind, body and spirit or anyone wanting an holistic approach to supporting the body's self-healing ability." Sarah, Wellington.

"I experienced a truly relaxing and de-stressing experience with Emily. I almost slept through and came 'out the other side' a calmer, invigorated person."Amanda, Oxford

“I have had a series of facial reflexology sessions with Emily, and can highly recommend her. As soon as you arrive, you are ushered into her quiet and calm treatment room, and have a thorough discussion of any health issues that may be troubling you. Emily has a Doctorate in Stress Research from Oxford University, so she really knows her subject, and her passion for reflexology as a healing system through stress reduction really comes across. The treatment itself is blissful; it is hard not to drift off to sleep as you enjoy relaxing music and experience the gentle and mindful touch that Emily gives to her clients. It is that gentle touch that really sets the treatment apart for me. I have had reflexology treatments before that have been quite painful at times; something that I thought was a necessary part of reaching problem areas. This is not the case with Emily’s approach – she uses the lightest of touches to get the deepest results. I left Emily’s sessions feeling rested and refreshed, and enjoyed the perfect night’s sleep afterwards. Highly recommended.” Helen, Abingdon.

"My knowledge of reflexology was very limited so I was immediately at ease with Emily’s gentle style and delighted with the immediately relaxing effect her reflexology had; I’d happily continue working with Emily." Liz, Wellington.

"Beautifully relaxing and a very gentle, mindful touch."

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